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Claire’s Swaps

As you can imagine opening Pollinate opened me and my family into a whole new world of new things to try. Here are our top five: 

1. Organic Fusilli Pasta

Not only is it quicker to cook than regular pasta, getting to my eternally hungry kids quicker they difference in the taste is incredible. I’ve always loved pasta and thought that the quality was quite similar across the board. We fill our cereal tub most weeks and there’s never much left, on plates or in the tub! 

2. Make your own Trail Mix

I’m an eternal snacker in work, food in in my genes, and for this I need an healthy snack or will just eat all of the chocolate honeycomb or Tony’s. Having such a variety of nuts, seeds and dried fruit in the shop allowed me to try each of them to see what I liked and didn’t like. I’ve never got on with shop bought ones for this reason so made my own. I’ve got: pumpkin seeds (1 third), coconut flakes, sultanas, cashews, chopped apricot, goji berries, cranberries and sour cherries. You can make your own by bringing in your jar and speaking to us about making yours. 

3. Miniml Shampoo & Conditioner 

Any of you that've seen my hair on a curly day will know I’m a curly girl. Consider the tiny little bun I normally have on the top of my head you really wouldn’t think I have so much hair. With curls comes fussy hair which likes certain products and not others. Enter Miniml Pink Grapefruit Shampoo, Conditioner and Bodywash (not so much for my hair but is lush). It’s curly girl method approved and sulphate and paraben free allowing my hair to reach its full curly potential. It’s also good for all hair types, I use it on the kiddies and it’s mild enough for them too. 

4. Stuffing & Gravy Mix

Yes, stuffing is amazing, being veggie (well struggling veggie these days) stuffing is my staple on a Sunday dinner. The now from the shop is super tasty and I have so much of it I pick up a refillable cereal tubs worth at a time. I love adding extras like pine nuts, apricots and cranberries or popping inside a hollowed out and par-cooked butternut squash. 
Gravy is a cheat answer as I was only allowed 5 and love our gravy mix on a Sunday dinner so much that it counts the same as stuffing as it goes on the same plate, that’s ok right. While being a bit of a faff as you need to prep it on the hob adding cold water then hearing gently while whisking it’s one of the nicest gravy mixes we’ve had at home. With Molly the mashed potato addict we know our gravy and this is a good one. I normally have my veg boiling at the same time and ladle the water directly in to the gravy while cooking it, yum. 

5. Bio D Lime and Aloe Vera Santising Handwash 

I use it all day long in the shop and again at home. It smells amazing and gentle on my hands. Even after a day sanitising my hands they are still soft. 

There were some close contenders in the entire herb and spice selection, faith in natures soaps, sun-dried tomatoes, black chick peas, Bio D Laundry Liquid, Kimchi, Basmati Rice, Tahini, Yeast extract with salt and Chocolate Raisins but there’s my 5, honest! Yes I’m stopping now, the longer I leave this open the more I add - whoops!

As a special treat for plastic free July we have 10% off Pasta, Wholefoods, Handsoap, Miniml Shampoo Conditioner and Bodywash, Gravy & Stuffing until 11th July. 
Look out next week for Sarah or Sues eco swaps for more discounts, ideas and advice

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