Going Circular...

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What is a circular supply chain and why is it so important? 

Simply put supplying in a circular system is where companies produce products for refill such shampoo or laundry liquid in a bulk container, send it to shops like ours, our customers come in and refill their own containers and once the container is empty we send it back to the company to be refilled.

This process goes on and on and the containers go round and round without ever making it to landfill or even being recycled. 

This is so important because reducing our impact on our environment, plastic use and bringing environmentally friendly products to our little town. 

It’s not just about the containers, it’s what goes in them...

For a cleaning and/or toiletry company to be circular is a big deal, it’s not only more work, it costs more than simply curling out bottle after bottle of the same thing. These companies have beliefs and values that go beyond plastic use. 

Bio-d and Miniml pride themselves on being palm oil, cruelty, parabin and sulphate free whilst also being vegan, produced in the uk and some products being so good for you they are certified buy the British Allergy Association. 

What’s left out?

Taking a look at the Bio-d website, to basically remind myself how fantastic they are and what natural loveliness they use in their products I found a section of all the funky stuff some of the other big cleaning manufacturers use to prolong shelf life, make it look nicer or smell nicer. Here are some of the funky yucky ones:

  • Formaldehyde - yep the stuff for dead bodies
  • Urea - yep animal wee
  • Lanolin - really bad for your skin
  • Chlorine Bleaches - when broken down create toxic substances like those in banned pesticides. 
  • Petroleum-derived Chemicals - highly irritating, in not just the regular way, cause all sorts of reactions on skin and endanger plant and animal life. Just toxic really. 

And I just thought refills were just a cheaper way of shopping but generally keeping the nasties and the extra plastic out of our ecosystem is a fantastic thing to do. 

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