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Following on from Claire's Top 5 Swaps last week, I had a think about my own favourite plastic-free swaps.

I started trying to eliminate plastic from my family's life a while ago, long before I got my lovely job at Pollinate, especially after the likes of Sir David Attenborough and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall brought it to a wider television audience.

It feels like a huge mountain to climb to resolve the plastic crisis and governments worldwide all need to play a part, but I believe each and every one of us can make a difference.

When I'm shopping, I think Do I need this? If so, Can I buy it plastic-free? I've always been a fan of second hand shops, even as a child when jumble sales were my idea of weekend fun, so buying pre-loved clothes, books and toys is the norm in my house, which in turn is good for the planet.

When I'm food shopping, I stop and think about every purchase, buying loose fruit and veg where possible (why do so many things need to be in plastic netting or plastic wrapping, for heaven's sake!) and actively buying things wrapped in cardboard where possible.

Here are five of the many changes I've made and all are available in Pollinate...


I had to whittle down my favourite of the chocolate treats we have in store and decided chocolate covered brazils were my best chocolate treat. They are very popular with our customers and of course, with such a healthy middle, they kind of feel a guilt-free indulgence!


I'm not normally a fan of crisps: I find a lot greasy and then there is the fact you're left with an unrecyclable packet afterwards (though you can of course bring them to us to be collected by Terracycle). However, once I tried our Two Farmers range, I was converted to their light crisps and the amazing compostable packaging! I love all the flavours and I'm looking forward to trying their new flavour, Woodland Mushroom & Wild Garlic! I often used the packaging, scrunched up, to act as drainage instead of stones when I am potting in the garden.


Being gluten-free, I am always on the lookout for tasty breakfast cereals but since trying these oats, I don't need anything else! Other brands' oats seem over processed and 'dusty' but these are fab. The packaging is cardboard with an inner compostable bag. Sometimes I make porridge with warm milk and cocoa powder and some mornings I just add whatever seeds, nuts and dried fruit I have to hand. I am not someone who can cope without breakfast and these keep me going all morning!


This is something you can buy loose in store - just bring in a container or we'll give you a paper bag - and I love it! It's a lovely mixture of nuts and fruit and I use it on my aforementioned cereal, or to snack on any time of the day. I also take a tub of it out and about with me so I am not tempted to buy a chocolate bar I don't need that's wrapped in plastic!


I love the whole Miniml range we have in Pollinate and there's no going back once you've tried this laundry liquid when doing your washing! It has a gentle 'Fresh Linen' scent and washes brilliantly. I fill up an old Lidl container over and over again with this great product and won't need to change to anything else! It's a gentle product so it's fine on my family's sensitive skin.

And that's just five of the changes I have made! Once you make a plastic-free swap, you won't go back to anything else!

All of Sue’s favourite swaps are available in-store and online at 10% off till Saturday 17th July. 

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