Stewed Fruit

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Its around this time of year that we like to go on a health kick, new year new you and all that jazz. I’ve joined in and when looking for something sweet to have on my breakfast I discovered stewing fruit. You can omit sugar altogether and although the heating process allows the fruit to release their natural sugars they are that, natural. 

Stewed Fruit

Depending on taste, budget etc you can use pretty much any fruits but I just grabbed a bag of frozen red berries from my local aldi as I’m terrible for not using up fruit and you can get a variety of fruit without needing to sell an arm to pay for it all. 

Here’s what to do... 

You’ll need 500g frozen fruit or 250g fresh fruit and 2tbsp water, optional lemon juice

Pop the ingredients in a saucepan ensuring you only add the required amount of water, I added too much n needed to strain it.

Put the lid on and heat on a low heat until the fruit has broken down, this will take longer if the fruit is frozen. If like me you have too much water heat for a few more minutes with the lid off. If it’s too sharp pop a little lemon juice in. 

Transfer to a jar and cool.

Use within 2 weeks storing in the fridge.
Perfect with yoghurt & chia seeds, overnight oats, on pancakes or for a quick sweet fix.

Why not add a drizzle of local honey for that added sweetness. 

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