Big Dog Mr. Beefy - India Cherry A Robusta
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Big Dog Mr. Beefy - India Cherry A Robusta

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We’re taking a sustainability spin with this specialty Robusta. It's our aim to dispel the consumer predisposition of Robusta coffee and showcase a quality cup. This India Cherry certainly packs a punch, perfect for making coffee at home. Robusta coffee grows at a lower altitude, using less financial and environmental resources. This flavoursome coffee is packed with caffeine, twice as much as Arabica to be precise.

The caffeine content acts as a natural pesticide which allows the coffee to grow at much lower altitude. This quality Robusta coffee, with tasting notes of blackberry, clove and tobacco, will undoubtedly give you the wake up call you're looking for. The high caffeine content of this flavoursome Robusta coffee, is arguably the best coffee for athletes.

Busting with body and deep intensity, this India Robusta is something you should not miss! Pick up a bag while this lot's still in stock.