Golden vale rapeseed oil- chilli
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Golden vale rapeseed oil- chilli

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Golden Vale produces cold-pressed rapeseed oil grown in South Wales packed full of Welsh natural goodness and flavour. 


The rapeseed we use is grown in the fertile hills of Glamorgan which gives a nutritious alternative to other cooking and drizzling oils.

What is Rapeseed Oil?

Rapeseed, or oilseed rape as it is often known, is a bright yellow plant that you see in the fields in the springtime, before it turns to a rustic brown in the summer months.

Why should I use Rapeseed Oil?

Rapeseed has many great health and environmental benefits such as: 


  • Over half the saturated fat of Olive oil

  • Vegan friendly

  • High in Omega 3 

  • Higher smoke point than many other oils

  • Provides an early food source for bees and pollinators 

  • It's also grown right here in Wales meaning it has lower food miles than any imported oil!