Loose tea- lady in red 50g
Loose tea- lady in red 50g
Loose tea- lady in red 50g
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Loose tea- lady in red 50g

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Most of the other blends from Diolch i Tea are available from most decent tea houses, but this one... this is Pip's own exclusive blend!

I bet you didn't know (most of you anyway) that the name "Lady Grey" is a registered trademark of Twinings - nobody else is allowed to use it! So instead of just renaming it, why not make it better? Why not make it naturally caffeine free! And, in fairness, better tasting at the same time ;)

Striking a perfect compromise between classic, sweet Rooibos, and bright, citrusy flavours, Lady In Red is crafted to be a perfect caffeine-free alternative to a Lady Grey blend, yet uplifting and refreshing at the same time.

Brew Guidelines:

95° for 3-4 minutes

Use 1g/100ml water

If adding milk, use 1.5g/100ml, and steep for 5 minutes