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Nirvana natural rose infused lip balm

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Our ZERO waste heavenly Rose Infused 100% compostable lip balm is a delicate organic blend of the finest and most effective natural ingredients to nourish and protect your lips, such as organic Rosehip Oil, organic Chia Seed Oil, and organic sustainably sourced Shea Butters.

We use two types of Shea Butter whereas other products just use one. We use West African Shea Butter for its rich texture, high fatty acids and high Vitamin A content and the highly prized, but rarer East African Shea Butter also know as Nilotica. This Shea Butter has a higher olein content and is richer in anti-oxidants and skin enriching nourishment with a silky smooth texture.

All these ingredients work synergistically to create an exceptional luxuriously nourishing lip balm that cares, protects and beautifies your lips. Our balms glide on smooth and are never waxy or heavy.

Our long lasting balms are delicately flavoured with essential oils and packaged in 100% biodegradadble tubes which are twice the size of traditional plastic lip balm tubes, and create ZERO waste!
When you finish with one, throw it on your compost bin and try another!

All our balms are beeswax free because we don't like to bug bees.