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Simple living laundry sheets-32 pack spring fresh scent.

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Introducing Simple Living Eco Laundry Sheets – Spring Fresh.

These Laundry Sheets are crafted with only four simple and natural ingredients, all derived from coconut.

Lightly scented with lavender, rose and lily essential oils.

Using these couldn’t be easier:
Throw a sheet in the washing machine, add clothes and wash.

Clothes come out soft and ready to go. You may not need that conditioner after all.

They’re gentle on the skin too; great news if you suffer with sensitivity.

Simple and light, no big clumpy box to lug about.

What else … oh yes: non-bio, palm oil free and not tested on animals, makes for vegan friendly washing too.

They are even fine with hard water and septic tank safe.


The Nitty Gritty.


These sheets are only mildly scented, we don’t want to overpower your wash. If your prefer a stronger scent you may want to add something.

Whilst suitable for all fabrics, for wool or silk however, we recommend tearing the sheet and placing it in the dispenser drawer.

Recomended max wash load 8kg but for bulky (bedding, towels etc) or really dirty loads we recommend using two sheets for best results.

Whilst these are gentle and lovely, they are still soap. Wash your hands after use and keep away from sensitive parts of the body.