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Sweet F.A gluten free and vegan peanut butter cookies

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Fiona Aitali grew up in colourful Tobermory on the Scottish Isle of Mull, where her baking is legendary. Her hobby is also her profession - she is Chief Biscuit Engineer in Tobermory's Island Bakery, famous for its organic biscuits. When Fiona discovered she was Coeliac she was determined that it wouldn't stop her making and sharing delicious bakes. So together with Island Bakery, Fiona has created this range of organic, gluten-free. Peanut is the star of the show in these cookies. Using both peanut butter and chunks of peanut in the Sweet FA cookie base, there is nothing to detract from the intense peanuttiness. A must for lovers of peanuts! Cookies that everyone can truly enjoy.