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Big Dog treacle 250g ground coffee

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Origin - Nicaragua 

Producer - Don Victor 

Region - Matagalpa 

Process - Washed 

Varietal - Java 

Altitude - 1380 - 1500 masl

Tasting Notes - Elderflower, Pear, Grape

Summer certainly calls for clean coffee and Don Victor has delivered on all levels. A coffee named after the producer himself, Don Victor's reputation for exquisite harvests is undeniably evident with this washed Java. 

The staff at the Santa Maria farm select the 'best of the best'. Ripe cherries are hand picked to ensure cup quality of the highest nature. The Java delivers a clean mouthfeel, bright acidity with tasting notes of elderflower, pear and grape. It's fresh vibrancy brings summer directly to your final cup. 

A clean cup with floral summer vibes, Don Victor's harvest is one single origin coffee not to be missed!